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What is it?
Care Coordination Organizations (CCO’s) will coordinate both home and community based services for individuals with disabilities as well as health and wellness services.

The two Care Coordination Organizations in the WNY area are Person Centered Services and Prime Care Coordination which have been formed by existing developmental disability service providers.

NYS, in support of a Federal mandate, has directed this initiative in an effort to ensure that the agencies providing direct services to individuals do not also provide the service coordination.

Who does it affect?
Medicaid Service Coordinators (MSC’s) will no longer work for the agencies that provide services. They have been offered the opportunity to join newly formed companies called Care Coordination Organizations (CCO’s).  

If your current Medicaid Service Coordinator agreed to transition to one of these new organizations, it is highly likely, but not guaranteed, that you will have the same person as a Care Coordinator.

Why is it important to the reader?
How will this affect a family?
Prior to July 1, all individuals receiving Medicaid services MUST complete a form enrolling you into the Care Coordination Organization of your choice to ensure no disruption to services.

When will this happen?
July 1st, 2018

What should you do next?
You must complete the enrollment form provided by your service coordinator to choose what Care Coordination Organization you want to work with AND to choose what level support you want.  See chart which provides details.

DO NOT wait!  Call your Medicaid Service Coordinator now to begin the process. Don’t be left behind!

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