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Residential Housing Options

OPWDD provides various housing options depending on an individual’s needs and abilities AND based on availability.  These include non-certified  and certified  opportunities.

Non-Certified Options include:

  • Living at Home with your Family

  • Independent Living with some Supports

  • Shared Living Arrangements

  • Subsidized Apartments

  • Customized Residential Options

Certified Options (licensed by OPWDD) include:

  • Family Care Homes

  • Supportive Individual Residential Alternative

  • Supervised Individual Residential Alternative (IRA) (Group Residences)

  • Intensive Care Facilities (ICF’s)

  • Developmental Centers

How do I know which option is right for me (or my loved one)?

  • Talk with your Care Manager/Coordinator and request more information.  You can also contact local DDRO office to learn more details.

  • Refer to specific Guide & Connect documents which provide more details on certified and non-certified options and the planning process for both.

  • Check out the OPWDD website for additional details  -

When is the right time to begin the planning process?
Each person will be different, however, the process may take many months or years to secure the appropriate person centered solution.  Begin to learn more NOW!

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