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Before any OPWDD required assessments are completed, take the time in advance to gather and look at any other assessments and evaluations that have been done.

  • If the meeting is to update a current assessment, reach out to your Care Manager/Coordinator and ask for the most recent version

  • It is best to do this at least one week before the meeting date

  • Read it thoroughly and write notes on it if anything needs correcting or if there is additional information to share and provide during the meeting

Review and Bring:

  • other assessments that have occurred in the last two years

  • documents that state and describe the various diagnoses of your loved one

  • therapeutic or clinical evaluations

  • a copy of the Individualized Education Program (IEP) if in school or recently finished

Also Bring Lists of Current:

  • needs and service gaps

  • medical providers with contact information

  • medicines including those over the counter

If appropriate, make notes about any additional information about family circumstances or situations.

Why this is Important?

  • It is very important that any assessment of your loved one is 100% accurate

  • It must reflect your loved one’s abilities WITHOUT your assistance

Ask yourself… what would happen if you did not do anything to help with each skill?

  • This will ensure that the individual’s true needs and capabilities are accurately reflected on the assessment

  • This is important because the level and types of services approved to support your loved one can be affected

  • Parents and Guardians should not agree to the assessment unless it fully reflects the aspirations and needs of their loved one

What should you do upon completion of the assessment?

  • Before you leave the meeting ask when you can expect a copy of the assessment

  • When you receive it, read it carefully and check to be sure all the information is correctW

Contact your Care Manager/Coordinator if

  • you don’t receive a copy in a reasonable amount of time

  • you find any mistakes in the assessment or have any concerns

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