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COVID-19 Questions, Answers & Resources

Q1.     If my loved one needs to be hospitalized or seen in an ER with COVID-19 symptoms, what is the protocol for visitation?

A1.       In accordance with Dept of Health regulation dated 4/10/2020, hospitals are required to permit one family member, staff or advocate to be present at all times.  The “visitor” should be mindful of the medical professional’s need to have easy access to the patient at all times.

Hospital personnel will explain the rules to the support person including what personal protection equipment they should be using.

You may want to print this out and have it with you.  Health Advisory: COVID-19 Updated Guidance for Hospital Operators Regarding Visitation

Q2.      My loved one is currently being hospitalized for COVID-19.  When the hospital is ready to discharge, does he/she return to their group residence?

A2.     CDC guidelines indicate that in order to accomplish a safe discharge, suitability of the group residence must be considered including the patient’s ability to adhere to home isolation recommendation.  Many providers have established “step down” residences in an effort to provide a safe environment for all.

Q3.      How will I know if my loved one, who lives in a group residence, is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, been tested for COVID-19, the test results, as well as details of hospitalization if required?

A3.      Providers are strongly encouraged to maintain open communication with family members whenever a resident is experiencing medical issues which require an ER visit or hospitalization.  Family members should be sure to stay in regular contact with the provider in order to stay informed and be supportive.

Q4.      How will I know if anyone that lives in the same group residence as my loved one has COVID-19.

A4.     In accordance with HIPPA, providers are not allowed to share personal details of who may have symptoms or been tested positive with COVID-19.  However, if other residents are showing symptoms, the provider should work with the health care provider to get them tested.  Providers have developed protocol to isolate individuals who are ill from healthy residents.  Any individuals who have tested positive should be isolated from the other residents.
Q5.      My loved one lives at home with me.  What if I get the virus and am unable to care for him/her?

A5.      Many providers are working on providing Respite care for those that are affected by this.  Contact your Care Manager and your provider of services to understand the process in advance.

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