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What is it?

A Health Home is a group of service and health care providers working  together to ensure that people with chronic health conditions get the services and care they need to stay healthy.  It is an optional Medicaid case management service which provides coordination of care.

The two Health Homes in our region for individuals who receive OPWDD services are Person Centered Services and Prime Care.

A Health Home:

  • is NOT a physical place

  • links to community supports and services

  • coordinates resources

  • integrates primary care with behavioral health

Who does it affect?

Health homes are for children and adults who

  • Have two or more chronic conditions

  • Have one chronic condition and are at risk for a second

  • Have one serious and persistent mental health condition

  • Have intellectual and/or developmental disabilities

Why is it important?

The Health Home model is a new way to coordinate care.  For individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities, it combines OPWDD related supports and services with health and wellness services.  The intent is to offer more options, greater flexibility and better outcomes.

How will this affect my family?

Health Home Care Management will provide more comprehensive coordination of healthcare and services for children and adults.  In addition to coordination of services provided through OPWDD the individual will receive support and coordination with other services such as health care, wellness, behavioral and mental health services.

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