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More about the CAS & your role as a family member

What is the CAS?

The Coordinated Assessment System (CAS) is one of the assessment tools that OPWDD utilizes to understand an individual’s capabilities and needs.

Information is gathered from many areas of a person’s life including living skills, health, behavior, interests and supports. Information comes from various people and systems and is entered into the report.

It is strongly recommended that the individual and family member participate in the process. Once the assessment is completed please review the results carefully to be sure the information is correct. You know your loved one better than anyone else. Look at it line by line and speak up if you see mistakes or feel something needs to be clarified.

What Do You Do If You See a Mistake?

There are two ways to inform OPWDD directly that you disagree with information contained in the Assessment.

1. Contact your Care Manager.

  • Work with them to complete and submit a “CAS Request for Review” form.

  • Be sure to check it over to be sure it is correct

  • Keep a copy for your files.


2. Call OPWDD directly at 518-473-7484

  • Provide the date of the assessment

    • the date of the assessment

    • the name of the person who completed the assessment

    • your Care Coordinator/Manager’s name

  • Point out the specific section(s) of concern and give the correct information

  • Give your name, phone number and a “best time to call”

  • Make a note of the date, time, who you spoke with and ask when you should expect a response to your concern. (average time is within 2 weeks)

Assessments affect ALL people who receive OPWDD related services. The CAS is intended on being a person centered tool which will help develop the Life Plan. The Life Plan will be used to assist in determining services. If the CAS does not reflect 100% accuracy, it is possible that your level of service could also be inaccurate.

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