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Assessments: Coordinated Assessment System (CAS)

OPWDD utilizes various assessments to determine an individual’s needs.  The results of these assessments are also factored into decisions about the services provided.  One assessment used is the Coordinated Assessment System (CAS).

What is the CAS?

  • A CAS is conducted as a “conversation” between the State Assessor from OPWDD, the individual, their family members & staff

  • It is a thorough assessment that gathers information about an individual’s strengths, needs and interests.  

  • A CAS Gathers data on living skills, health & behavior needs as well as current supports

  • It involves a three (3) part process:

    • a discussion with and observation of the person who receives the service

    • a discussion with others who know the person well, such as  family members and support staff

    • a review of supporting documents, such as medical records, etc.

  • This is a person centered assessment which actively involves the person receiving the services and/or their family members in the process.

Who does it affect?

It effects ALL people receiving OPWDD related services.  

If the person and family member/legal guardian choose not to participate, the CAS assessor will complete the assessment by interviewing others who know the person well and by reviewing relevant documents.

Why is it important to understand?

The CAS will provide information that is included in the development of the life plan.

What should my family do next?

The CAS is being implemented over several years.  When you have been selected, you will receive a letter to let you know that a State Assessor will be calling you or your family member to schedule a discussion at YOUR convenience.

Once the CAS assessment is complete, your Care Coordinator should give you a copy within 2 weeks.  Review it carefully and if anything appears incorrect, contact your Care Coordinator to begin the amendment process.

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