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Assessments: I AM

What is the I AM Assessment?

The “I AM” tool is intended to be a very thorough assessment with the goal of capturing a person’s “hopes and dreams”.

Key factors include:

  • Individual Safeguards & Plan of Protective Oversight (IPOP)

  • Allergies summary

  • Durable medical equipment and supplies required

  • Profile & preference summaries

  • Goals & actions summary

The assessment will also recommend specific services and supports to help achieve the persons “hopes and dreams”.  It will include the Performance Outcome Measures (POM) for those people who have participated in that process.

It offers a list of choices and supportive routines to help a person communicate their wishes.  This information helps to develop the Life Plan Document.

Who does it affect?

This will affect all individuals who are enrolled in Care Coordination/Health Home services which replaced Medicaid Service Coordination in July 2018.  The assessment is long and can typically take two to three hours.  It is important that you participate in all the details to insure accuracy of the final Life Plan.

Why is it important to understand?

Assessments provide important  information that will determine a person’s plan of care. The Individualized Service Plan (ISP) will be replaced by the Life Plan document which will be more person-centered.  The I Am, the Developmental Disabilities Profile (DDP-2) and the Coordinated Assessment System (CAS) are the three types of assessments which are currently used to develop the individualized budget and services described in the life plan.

When will this happen?

For the most part, individuals receiving MSC services prior to the change to Care Coordinators/Managers on September 1, 2018, a Life Plan should be completed prior to your next annual review but no later than June 30, 2019.  People new to the system who enrolled after July 1, 2018 should expect a Life Plan within 60 days.  The Life Plan may be subject to monthly monitoring and be updated as needed.
How will this affect my family?

In order to insure an accurate and comprehensive Life Plan.  It is critical that the individual and family members be actively involved in the assessment process and share their hopes, dreams and ideas for their future.  

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